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ConcreteDoneWithLove is an authorized dealer for Stonemakers. Stonemakers offers an innovative alternative to real rock and block construction. The company has 25 years of experience in landscape design and construction. The strength and versatility of our products can enhance your home or business. Stonemakers is a process of building walls, retainer walls, water features, walkways and patios with concrete sculpting and other processes. Our goal is to not only beautify your landscape or construction but improve it with structural quality at an affordable advantage. This makes a winning situation for our customers. Design, quality installation as well as follow up support is our goal as we strive to add innovation and creativity to our products.

The sound of water falling is not only beautiful but therapeutic. Water features really show how versatile our process can be. Below are a few styles of falls. With the concrete we can make a waterfall flow naturally and customize it to fit in any design.

Walkways and Patios
Walkways and patios are so important to a front or back yard landscape. We try to use free form designs for aesthetics. It has that softening effect and makes your landscape design flow together. We install 4-5" 3,500 PSI concrete with a grader base for drainage and to prevent heaves. We also always make sure the pitch is set to drain away from where you don't want it to pitch. We use different textures and different types of colors. We no longer use acrylic stains on patios or walks because of wear and weather. We only use the earth tone acid stains which last much longer and are more durable. Below are some different applications.

Retaining Walls
The retainer walls are installed in one monolithic concrete pour and stained with the Stonemaker's granite application. The walls have a 3' footer and are approximately 1.5 to 2' thick with steel reinforcement. Best of all, it looks and feels like real rock with superior strength and in most cases it costs approximately 30% less than real rock.

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